Thomas Bittner


I am a faculty member of the Departments of Philosophy and Geography at the State University of New York at Buffalo (Associate Professor).

I am also a Research Scientist at the New York State Center of Excellence in Bioinformatics and Life Sciences. Within the Center of Excellence I am a member of the Ontology Research Group and the Director of the Qualitative Spatial Reasoning unit.

In addition I am a Research Scientist at the National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis (NCGIA).

My research interests include geographic information science and formal geography as well as bioinformatics, formal ontology, qualitative spatial, temporal, and spatio-temporal reasoning, approximate reasoning, representation and reasoning about vagueness and indeterminacy, and medical information science.

I am also interested in computational representations of formal ontologies. A representation of the top-level ontology Basic Formal Ontology (BFO) in First Order Logic using the theorem proving environment Isabelle can be found here.


Contact details

Dr. Thomas Bittner

Department of Philosophy

State University of
New York at Buffalo
135 Park Hall
Buffalo, NY 14260

bittner3 AT

Thomas Bittner

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